TODO management - with git

  I tend to spread TODO and FIXME comments all over my code when i need to get something done quickly or i'm doing some totally unrelated to the codeparts where i found the flaw to do or to fix. I used to call a `grep  -rn TODO` time to time to see the backlog i managed to pile up for myself but as you can guess it's just happened accidentally.

To get a bit more organized, i added a simple post-commit hook to my local git template directory, which runs `grep` to list the TODO and the FIXME items at each commit, so when i just finished a task and commited it, i get the list of the potential tasks right away, before i got a chance to start something else.

If you want something similar, here is a brief turn-by-turn roadmap:

Create a dir for your post-commit hooks:

mkdir -p ~/.git-templates/hooks

Configure git to use it:

git config --global init.templatedir '~/.git-templates'

Create the post-commit hook itself:

vim ~/.git-templates/hooks/post-commit

with the content:


echo "TODOs:"
git grep -nI TODO
echo "FIXMEs:"
git grep -nI FIXME

Make it executable:

chmod +x ~/.git-templates/hooks/post-commit

Go into your existing project dir, and re-init the repo:

git init

And at your next commit you will see the list of your TODO items in the codebase. Don't forget to register the  ~/.git-templates/ dir to your config backup script/tool!

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