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Building kdepim (and the whole KDE world) from current git

I tried to build the latest kdepim (i needed it to look into ktimetracker), on Debian Jessie. I was trying to follow a few tutorials [1] [2], but after I started to see through the dependency relations between the lower level KDE stuff like Framworks  and the current versions of kdepim, i decided that it would be easier to build the whole KDE world alltogether, especially as i wanted to get my builds based the current 4.14 KDE version, and the Frameworks based (aka "KDE 5" version) as well.
  Fortunately the KDE project provides a cool tool called kdesrc-build [3], which made up from a couple of perl scripts, a few config files, and provides example configs for building KDE4 (using Qt4.x) and Frameworks based KDE (using Qt5.x) as well.

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