baseconverter-plasmoid QML release

 While doing daily programming work (especially when digging around in CPU registers or dealing with binary file formats), it's often useful to have a handy utility to convert numbers between bases. As my main desktop is KDE, it was straightforward to have such a utility as a KDE plasmoid, but i couldn't find any, so implemented my own a year back in C++, but as KDE is moving forward quickly to use QML wherever it's suitable, and i was interested of the status of this ongoing work, i decided to re-implement this in QML.

 The plasmoid is rather simple, it sits on a Panel, shows 4 (or less, depending on the config) editfields in a row for binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal numbers respectively, and when the user changes any of the values, the other editfields' content updated with the appropriate value.  Well, really not a big deal (and certainly could use some more features) but rather handy sometimes.

Some screenshots:

Without numbers:
baseconverter-plasmoid with empty input

With numbers and settings dialog open:

baseconverter-plasmoid with settings dialog

Source code available on this site:

or at Bitbucket:

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