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Disable SSH host key check for local network

If one has an odd setup with SSH hosts regularly changing SSH host keys on a local network (like in my case regularly re-flashed embedded devices which generates SSH host keys at each first boot), it might be handy to disable the host key checking for these hosts, just add this to your ~/.ssh/config:

Upwork client on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial

 Apperently (and unfortunately) the current version of the Upwork time tracking client can't work properly on recent Debian/Ubuntu (and derivative) systems, due to SSL protocol errors. After some invesetigating it seems that it's related to the libnss [ ]  version upgrade.The root cause is probably related to the server's offered ciphering method which doesn't play well with the newer versions of libnss, but as i needed a quick solution (and anyway it's unlikely i can fix the server's config), I  worked around the issue as: