Announcing manini

Here is small program i wrote: manini []. It's for manipulating INI config files from shell scripts. I used to use crudini [], but it's Python, which is not always avalible on embedded systems (like OpenWrt, Buildroot) or i don't want to install it only for this. The other way would be to parse/edit the ini file directly from shell with awk and/or sed, but it's rather error prone, so i decided to roll a command line utility for this in C, based on the library minini [].

It's pretty easy to use, just let your ini file be:

echo "akey = avalue" > /tmp/test.ini
echo "[bsection]" >> /tmp/test.ini
echo "bkey = bvalue" >> /tmp/test.ini

and in your shell script:

AKEY=`manini --get --file /tmp/test.ini akey`
BKEY=`manini --get --file /tmp/test.ini bsection bkey`
echo "A: $AKEY" e
cho "B: $BKEY"

or, if you work on only one ini file at a time, in your scripts, to save same typing just can just export the MANINI_INIFILEPATH environment variable, and forget about the --file argument:

export MANINI_INIFILEPATH="/tmp/test.ini"
AKEY=`manini --get akey`
BKEY=`manini --get bsection bkey`
echo "A: $AKEY"
echo "B: $BKEY"


Binary release so for only for CentOS7 on OBS [], others coming soon, just take the source in the meantime...

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