Upwork client on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial

 Apperently (and unfortunately) the current version of the Upwork time tracking client can't work properly on recent Debian/Ubuntu (and derivative) systems, due to SSL protocol errors. After some invesetigating it seems that it's related to the libnss [ ]  version upgrade.The root cause is probably related to the server's offered ciphering method which doesn't play well with the newer versions of libnss, but as i needed a quick solution (and anyway it's unlikely i can fix the server's config), I  worked around the issue as:

Generating man pages with asciidoc via automake

The usual way to distribute man page files with your autotools based source distribution is to write the content as .texi files, and let autotools to convert into man page format. As i more prefer asciidoc for writing documentation over texi (or any other markup language), for a autotools based project i integrated the the asciidoc to man conversion into the build configuration, using the a2x command line utility. Here is how:

Setting up postfix send only SMTP server for Jenkins

Turn-by-turn tutorial to set up a SMTP server to use with Jenkins (or any service which needs to send notification) on Debian based systems:

Build both static and shared version with mxe

Let's say you want to check both static and dynamic linking configuration with your package in mxe:

TODO management - with git

  I tend to spread TODO and FIXME comments all over my code when i need to get something done quickly or i'm doing some totally unrelated to the codeparts where i found the flaw to do or to fix. I used to call a `grep  -rn TODO` time to time to see the backlog i managed to pile up for myself but as you can guess it's just happened accidentally.